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“Discover The Power of Now” Planner/Journal

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“Discover the Power of Now” planner/Journal will assist you on your journey of becoming the best version of yourself. Their is Power in the actionable steps we take NOW! This book is designed to empower you, encourage you and assist you in executing strategic moves while discovering your Purpose, building your self-confidence and ending self-limiting beliefs.

The world needs what you have to offer. ENJOY!


Transformation occurs when we hear, visualize, write, and take action. This planner was created to help you discover your awesome self, strategize, and take action.  If you are ready to DO THE WORK towards transforming into the best version of yourself, then this book is for you.  You are an incredible, invaluable, unstoppable force and we are waiting for you to show up!!!  


10 reviews for “Discover The Power of Now” Planner/Journal

  1. Carol M

    Oh my goodness!!! This thing is beautiful. I’m already planning to gift one to my niece.
    Carol M.

  2. Catrice M. (verified owner)

    This is a must have book for 2021!!! This God inspired book written by Lakeisa Arrington is purposed to provide inspiration, guidance, encouragement, and empowerment. It is also purposed to stretch you out of your comfort zone and to guide you to boldy walk into the fearful and wonderful woman of God God created you to be. NOW is YOUR time, discover all that GOD has in you and for you!

  3. Badia A.

    @theexperiencebyla THANK YOU for my DISCOVER THE POWER OF NOW PLANNER/JOURNAL and beautiful pen! I love to dream of new ways to grow in ministry and in business. My “Discover The Power Of Now” Planner/Journal will help keep me on track as I continue my journey to living on purpose!
    Everyone purchase your beautifully crafted planner/Journal. You won’t be disappointed!
    Badia A.?

  4. Leah M.

    The Power of Now is the perfect planner for the faithful woman. It is filled with inspirational quotes and thoughtful questions to consider. My favorite thus far is the “Reclaiming my Power” section which charges you to highlight wins and opportunities. Positive thinking and celebrating both wins and opportunities is encouraged. Thank you Lakeisa! Continue to let God use you. Leah M

  5. Tricia M.

    Discover The Power of Now is more than just a planner or journal. It’s a roadmap to assist you with fulfilling your purpose in life. Each week/month the author pushes you to check in with yourself. If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines watching others fulfill their purpose in life, or you may need a little reminder or nudge to start the process; purchase the book. You will not be disappointed.
    Thank you Lakeisa for such a great tool.
    Tricia M.

  6. Sinaya M.

    The Power of Now! I’m loving my new planner! I like for my planners to have multiple functionalities and multiple range of uses. This journal has forced me to dig deep within myself!! Habakkuk 2:2 – “Write the vision, and make it plain.” There are so many things I wish to accomplish and I’ve always struggled with implementing them! When we don’t write the vision down, we quickly forget it! When its written down, we then begin walking in the reward of its success. God is so good! It’s all about the Power of Now!!! Let’s stop procrastinating NOW!! Let’s start journaling NOW! Let’s start being who God called us to be NOW!!
    Sinaya M.

  7. Alyssia M.

    Congrats & Thank you to my sister @lakeisaarrington owner of @nayascloset and creator of @theexperiencebyla on your 1st publication! Kudos to you! This is a well thought out journal/planner that focus on discovering and living your purpose with encouraging affirmations that build you up along your journey.

  8. Ronda B

    ” Discover the Power of Now’ planner/journal is like having a coach, workbook, journal & planner all in one. This book is awesome. If you are looking for change in your life, do yourself a favor and order this book today!
    Ronda B.

  9. Tara O. (verified owner)

    Discover the Power of Now planner/journal is awesome! I love the section on Opportunities and writing in my goals for the month and what I want to achieve. This is definitely a great asset to my life.
    Tara O

  10. Gloria B.

    This pandemic has caused us to get in touch with our inner selves, to realize our God-given purpose. I’ve never been one for recording my thoughts, but this journal/planner provides powerful tools to prepare you, direct you, and encourage you. If you’re on a mission for self-empowerment, and accountability, I highly recommend that you check out my friend, Lakeisa Arrington’s newly released journal, ” Discover the Power of Now”

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