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“You Inspire Me” A Tribute to African American Fathers


The contributors of this book are African American fathers from various backgrounds. Each shared heartfelt messages of Hope, Inspiration, and Empowerment. The fathers were transparent and their stories are hilarious, comforting, and enlightening. I am grateful for the leaders, innovators, teachers, directors, pastors, chefs, coaches, police officers, business owners, financial advisors, and IT engineers that poured their heart out on the pages of this book.  This book will impact lives on a global level.


“You Inspire Me” presented by Lakeisa Arrington, takes you behind the scenes and showcases fatherhood through the lenses of African American fathers. Everyone has a different story, and Lakeisa captures the heartbeat of the inner soul as it relates to everyday struggles, pressures, lessons learned, and successes. As an African American father, it is refreshing to see in print the powerful stories presented by respected brothers and leaders in the community.


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