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Lakeisa Arrington is a Transformation Coach, author, and speaker. She is passionate about helping new and experienced professionals Design Dreams based on the desires of their hearts and Do what they love for a profit. Lakeisa has taught leaders of corporations that Maximizing Relationships, Building Trust, and Strategic Solutions are essential for Community & Corporate Growth. She has helped companies build teams based on commitment and not just compliance.
Lakeisa has coordinated and led workshops & conferences in her community and delivered presentations at various civic and corporate events.

Lakeisa has 20-plus years of experience in Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Developing, and Speaking with individuals as well as groups in Christian and Corporate arenas. Her desire is to ignite the flame within an individual or corporation and cause them to set everything they touch on fire.  Lakeisa’s passion and experience surrounding Human Resources, Executive Leadership Training & Human Connectivity has allowed her to transform thousands of lives through inspiration, affirmation & education. Lakeisa is the author of…… Book Lakeisa today for your next event.

Speaking Topics

“3 Keys to Effectively & Efficiently Lead others in the ship”

“Unleashing the Power connected to your Stupendous Potential”

“Connecting you Passion to your Purpose based on Divine Promises”

“5 Essential Strategies needed to Monopolize your Mental Real Estate”

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