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"Purposely pushing women into designing their dreams, while growing spiritually, personally & professionally!"

“Own Your Greatness”

You are an incredible human being with stupendous potential. The gifts inside of you are the solutions to someone’s problem and can impact lives on a global level. If you have a heart to serve and the desire to leave a legacy that will impact generations then NOW is the time to take actionable steps towards Growth, Clarity, & Transformation.  Connecting your Passion to your Purpose based on Godly Promises will change your life and give you the ability to Prosper in every area of your life when you are ready to do the work!  

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Hello & Welcome

Lakeisa Arrington, the designer of dreams is The founder of The Experience by LA.  A Purpose Pusher brand that teaches women how to design their dream life while growing spiritually, professionally and personally.  Lakeisa’s spitfire personality, tenacity and zeal has allowed her to transform lives through Empowerment Conferences, Consulting and Inspirational / Empowerment books.  

As a faith-based Life & Executive Leadership Coach she has helped hundreds of women Design Dreams based on the desires of their heart and Do what they love for a profit, purpose & peace.  As a result of working with her unfulfilled women become Phenomenally Purposeful.  Women gain the Clarity, Courage and the Confidence needed to own their greatness.  Women also learn strategic solutions that allow them to leave an unforgettable footprint on this planet. 

Lakeisa has taught leaders of corporations that Maximizing Relationships, Building Trust, and Strategic Solutions is essential for Community & Corporate Growth.  She has helped  companies such as Target, Aetna, & Bluecross Blueshield just to name a few build teams based on commitment and not just compliance.

Lakeisa firmly believes that it is the Grace of God that keeps her as she blends being a wife to Shawn Arrington, Mother to Sinaya, Mikayla & Zoey, grandmother, minister, keynote speaker, designer of dreams, transformation coach, executive leadership trainer, and HR consultant.

Lakeisa has 20 plus years of experience in Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Development, and Speaking with individuals as well as groups in Christian and Corporate arenas.

Her desire is to ignite the flame within an individual or corporation and cause them to set everything they touch on fire.  Lakeisa’s passion and experience surrounding Human Resources, Executive Leadership Training & Human Connectivity has allowed her to transform thousands of lives through inspiration, affirmation & education.

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John Doe

What Clients are saying...

A must have…

This is a must-have!!! This God-inspired book written by Lakeisa Arrington is purposed to provide inspiration, guidance, encouragement, and empowerment. It is also purposed to stretch you out of your comfort zone and to guide you to boldly walk into the fearful and wonderful woman of God God created you to be. NOW is YOUR time, discover all that God has in you and for you!

Catrice M.

Best Mentor Ever!

Thank you for bringing peace into my space.  You are a great mentor and I thank you for the book “Discover the Power of Now”!!! It really changed my life and the lives of so many others…it is the best gift ever for all of the sisters in my life.  I love you. Keep being the positive force you are.

Delicia E
CEO Valvet Inc.

Roadmap to discovering your purpose

Discover The Power of Now is more than just a planner or journal. It’s a roadmap to assist you with fulfilling your purpose in life. Each week/month the author pushes you to check in with yourself. If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines watching others fulfill their purpose in life, or you may need a little reminder or nudge to start the process; purchase the book. You will not be disappointed.
Thank you Lakeisa for such a great tool.

Tricia M
LGPC Counselor/Therapist

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent

“The Experience by LA was Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!  There were breakthroughs; brokenness and burdens were lifted.  It was a free space to breathe and God did his thing and we followed.”

Andrea R

I understand my assignment

“This class has truly blessed me and has put me on a clear path to what purposed filled assignments are ahead.  She taught me how to Dream, Design, and Do everything I was created to do.  Amazing!!!

Sandra F.

Owning your Greatness!

As a result of working with Lakeisa I’ve learned more about entrepreneurship work ethics.  In addition, how to provide excellent customer service, promoting your business and how to go the extra mile.  I have also learned from Lakeisa how to be creative with what I have already in my possession.

Ronda B
Events by B&B

“A force to be reckoned with”

As a result of working with Lakeisa Arrington, I’ve managed and prioritized my goals and break them down into smaller attainable tasks that helped me see my projects through completion.  Coach Arrington is a force to be reckoned with and does not tolerate her clients settling for less than they deserve.  She pushes you to own your greatness because she sees all that you are capable of handling.  I highly recommend her program to all who are willing to step out of the box and are willing to be challenged to a whole other level.

Almira Leonche

My change is evident!

Ok, this book has changed my entire life….Thank you Lakeisa Arrington for aiding me in growing into my absolute purpose.  I love you and I know you are a very huge part of my excellence….I owe you quite a bit ????I celebrate you for your spirit your faith your brains and your beauty… are the evidence of poring into greatness. I absolutely love and adore you and appreciate my experience and time with you.  I am so blessed to have you in my life. Love you! May you continue to allow God to use you as one of His most humble servants.
Delicia E

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